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*Offer for picture books up to 32 pages and no more than 2500 words. Author will receive an edit/developmental letter with detailed issues and suggestions. Query letters for picture books only. No more than 2000 words. Query letters are reviewed and edited.

It's time to get back to your passion.

Get Back to Writing. 

If you've dreamed of becoming a children's book author, or recently put your writing on hold, this is the time to start writing again! 

I'm an experienced editor and agented writer who has worked with each of the Big Four publishers. I've also self-published and traditionally published. I quit my teaching job to pursue my passion and haven't looked back since! Let me help you jumpstart your picture book writing career. 

I can assess your book for big picture issues and grammar. I also offer sensitivity/authenticity reviews. If you want to publish traditionally, I can also help you craft your query letter. 

For a limited time, choose any of these three popular services for just $25/each! Click the START TODAY button to reserve your spot!


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