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April Book Picks!

Happy April Readers!

These last few weeks have been stressful. As we look forward to getting back to some sense of normalcy, I wanted this month's books to focus on BLACK BOY JOY. As a boy mom, I work hard to find images that provide windows and mirrors for my little ones. Also, as stores close and items become harder to get, it was important to include books that were available as both audiobooks and ebooks. Lastly, if you choose to buy books, consider supporting a local/indie bookstore in your area. Many are offering curbside pick up or delivery.

I know that many of you are working and homeschooling your kids. Don't feel discouraged if some days you take a break. You and your child certainly deserve it. I've included a printable reading log to ensure that your little ones keep up reading-even on days that you don't have the energy to homeschool!

I hope you enjoy this month's selections and activities. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on upcoming virtual book club meetings!

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