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Teaching Kids About Hair Love

This month's book selection, Hair Love is a timely read about loving Black hair.

Let's discuss one of our book club selections, HAIR LOVE!


Hi Readers! Hopefully everyone has had a chance to check out this month’s book selections. If not, join our book club to learn more.

Our picture book selection, Hair Love is a sweet dedication to Black hair and the relationship between father and daughter. This week, Hair Love has been in the news as an Oscar winning short film. It has also showcased how our black hair is always a cause for conversation-even going so far as potentially causing us to miss out on graduating or being discriminated against in the workplace (shout out to California’s law against hair discrimination!)

This week, discuss Zuri’s determination in getting the right style. Talk about your hair and what makes it special, different and important. Talk to your kid about their hair-how they feel about it and what hair love means to them. Check out the READING AIDE, in your newsletter, for great ways to increase engagement.

Let’s discuss!

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