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June Book Picks!

Hi Readers,

Thank you for joining us this month! We are growing, and it's all because of you.

This month's books focus on Black characters. From books about racism to books featuring Black joy and pride, these books are great to read with your family.

I chose four books this month because we need MORE Black books! We know that Black Lives Matter ,and this was our way of adding to the conversation. Books should serve as windows and mirrors for kids and it has to start now.

Last month I mentioned ANTI-RACIST BABY as a paired text. The book debuts this month, so please check it out for your itty bitty one. Also BLACK IS A RAINBOW COLOR is a great read to teach kids the beauty in being Black.

On the middle grade side, we have TRISTAN STRONG PUNCHES A HOLE IN THE SKY. Your kid or student will love following Tristan as he learns more about Black folk heroes while saving the world. I also added an upper-middle grade/YA read. STAMPED is a great resource to teach kids about racism and how to stamp out racism in their daily lives.

Our READING AIDE focuses on how to talk about race and racism with your child.

I hope you enjoy this month's selections!


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