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Our March Picks!

We are in month 2 of our book club! A huge welcome to our new subscribers and a GRAND THANK YOU to all of our members!

Our book selection theme this month is TRUTH. We chose books that showcased bold women who stood in their truths and a book that teaches children that they are enough-a truth every child should hear.

Malala - Malala Yousafzai (Middle Grade)

Our middle grade selection is a chapter book by activist Malala. This book details her fight for girls' rights and explains her culture and beliefs.This is a great read for children to understand other cultures and compare/contrast children's lives in different countries. I hope Malala's fight for education and rights inspires your young reader. The paired text, A LONG WALK TO WATER is another story about cultural differences and truth. This story is told from differing viewpoints of two children in Sudan. One, a refugee, and one a young  girl that must walk hours just to get water for her family.

I Am Enough-Grace Beyers (Picture Book)

This beautiful picture book is a lyrical testament to self love. This is an easy read with the possibility of a lot of engagement. Telling our children that they are enough...just the way they are...full stop-can never be said enough. The paired text shares a similar theme of self appreciation. Filled with affirmative poems, this book is the perfect compliment to encourage your young one to love themselves.

Little Leaders: Bold Women In Black History- Vashti Harrison (Picture Book)

This little book is packed full of powerful women. These women share in upholding their truths and being their authentic selves. With easy to digest information on about 50 bold women, this book leaves room for further research-and engagement-for your young one. The paired text is also by Vashti Harrison and extends the bold women to visionary women all around the world.

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