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What type of editing do you need? 

We offer two types of editing services :

Developmental Editing

Let's look at the big picture.

Developmental editing improves key elements of a story. This type of editing occurs early in the writing process. It identifies any issue with the story, character development, reorganizing chapters, and addresses issues with pace, tension and more. Developmental editing does not involve heavy editing. 

We offer a Developmental Pass. This includes a comprehensive letter including the following:

  • Story structure assessment

  • Character development

  • Voice and writing style

  • Pacing and tension

  • Margin notes addressing issues such as inconsistencies and  "head hopping" 

  • 1 hour post-edit session   

  • Our turnaround time depends on availability and word count. *You may request a second pass. Clients will receive a discounted rate for second passes. 

Line Editing

Get into the story.

Line editing involves tightening up sentence structure. This type of editing makes sure the sentences are as effective as possible. It corrects the overall pacing and flow of your story. Line editing takes place after a developmental pass. 

We offer line editing in our Author Package: 

  • First pass: 1 Edit letter (developmental pass)

  • 2nd pass: Line editing, sentence by sentence. 

  • Light grammar corrections: typos, subject/verb agreement, Punctuation

  • 1 Hour Post-Edit session

  • Turnaround time depends on word count and client participation. Expect a 6-8 week turnaround. 

To learn more about our pricing and book your services today, click below. 

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